Team members


Siwen Tao

Siwen is the soul and core of the studio. Inspired by the breathtaking landscapes and wildlife of the Pacific Northwest, her works depict a serene world in which the beauty of her subjects is seamlessly integrated within the elegance of the medium itself. Through the lens of paper art, she visualized her unique observations with bold compositions, refined lines and harmonious colors. Her rich knowledge of art history allows her to infuse multiple influences into her work, fully leveraging the creative potential of paper. 

In addition to paper art, Siwen is also skillful in a variety of art forms and mediums, including oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, seal carving and calligraphy.


Bolun Yang

Bolun is the accountant, content writer, PR contact and tech guy in the studio. He is responsible for all the broken English you see on this website. In addition to offering logistic support to his wife, he also creates his own papercuttings every now and then. His favorite subjects are snow-capped mountains, forest animals and Mochi.




Mochi is a classy being with endless passion and ideas. As the studio guru, he provides much needed out-of-the-box thinking and philosophical guidance on our art works, our career development, and our very existence in this ever-changing world. Born an energetic leader, he mandates us to clean our studio space every day by nudging everything out of place, and inspires us with his impressive works of teared toilet papers.


Commissions? Orders? Questions?


Have a picture of your dog that you would like to turn into papercutting? Want to carry our products in your store? Want to chat about papercutting techniques and inspirations? Drop us a line at