A time-honored tradition, re-imagined


Unlike in traditional papercutting, we use very thick cardstocks to create a sculpture-like look in our works. The structural strength of the material allows us to build up layers to create a unique 3-dimensional effect.


Unique Design

We take pride in originality. Every piece is designed by ourselves. 


Rich Collection

Single and multi-layered, wall art and cards, animals and landscapes, we got them all.



Although we use a digital cuter to speed up the production, all details are hand-cut. 



Most of our works are inspired by landscapes and wildlife in the Pacific Northwest.


Fine art for every room

We design and craft each piece with its future surroundings in mind. Choose a warm-themed piece for your bedroom, an earth-tone, peaceful landscape to brighten your living room, or you may request any of our designs with a custom palette to complement your decor.

Designed with details in mind


From the first pencil sketch to the finished work, each design goes through many rounds of iterations. While most of the back-and-forth happens on paper, we use computer to fine-tune the lines and play with different color combinations to ensure the best final effect.